Sakura Hochegger


Born in Kyoto, Japan.
Work and live in Brighton, UK.

As a painter, I focus more on the process and being in the moment rather than observational approaches. Letting my painting be a painting, the notion and the challenges of letting the paint and surface (linen, canvas etc) tell me what to do.

My practice also draws on my everyday life like a flash of colour or fragments of memory. For the first time the tunnel between the canvas and myself seems to be more solid, wider and smoother than ever.

I don’t plan my paintings, therefore I often scrape, scratch or add more. The process can go on for a week or few months. Sometimes, I might leave a half finished painting for 2 months then I work on it for 2 minutes and it’ll be a finished painting.

I use primarily oil and pigment, I love the slow drying quality, I can leave the painting and come back to it while it is still wet enough to work on. Painting for me is letting go of things, a bit like mindfulness.

For me, painting is a place without limitations. If I focus on the process, experiencing it and I live it, in a way I don't go too far, there is a whole freedom in it. When I keep a beginner's mind, painting is a place with so much possibilities, challenges and fun where one can be free. With every painting I go back to the beginning to explore something I don't know yet.

I studied Fashion design BA at Central Saint Martins but I feel painting is where my heart really is. I want to get to know painting as much as I can in every way. After painting about a year or so I realised painting will let me get to know it more and more as long as I engage with it. It is a two way conversation.

Synaesthesia, k. Oil and pigment on linen. 2019

Synaesthesia, a. Oil and pigment on linen. 2019

Letting go, y and I. Oil and pigment on linen. 2019

Posing for the camera at exhibition!

IMG_4221 2
V**it. Oil and pigment on canvas. 2019

Vicky. Oil and pigment on canvas. 2019

20190523-_DSC2662 copy
3 of us. Oil and pigment on linen. 2019

20190523-_DSC2655 copy
Into you. Oil and pigment on linen. 2019

Into space. Oil and pigment on linen. 2019

Les Fleurs du mal. Oil and pigment on jute. 2019 (sold)

Mud, dead leaves and snout beatles. Oil and pigment on linen. 2019

Luna. Oil and pigment on linen. 2019

I don't want to go to school. Oil on linen. 2019

Childhood fear. Oil on linen. 2019

DSC00391OMG… it's the end of 2018! Oil on linen. 2018 (sold)

Child room. Oil on paper. 2019

Kai. Oil on paper. 2019

Is anybody next door? Oil on paper. 2019

Toys. Oil on paper. 2019

Charlie! Oil on paper. 2019

K. Oil on canvas. 2019

B after G. Oil on linen. 2019